Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baap ka Nagar

Every night when we would cross the mall to reach home, these sentences would spurt out inevitably. The riders on the storm, those who storm on the roads with their respective automobiles, create such a nuisance and don't even let pedestrians cross. Hence, the dressed chicken would say "Baap ka rastaa hai kya?" and then started a story. Just imagine! I wish there was a "Baap ka Nagar" (Father's city) and then there would be a "Baap ka bagichaa"(Father's garden). The houses would be called "Baap ka ghar" (father's house) and the societies would be called "Baap ki society". Then no such civic sense propounders could ask you, "Baap ka maal hai kya?" Because then, with a twinkle in your eye you could actually say "Haan!" (yes). Of course it looks like the ideal embodiment of a free state of being but then it is not pleasant. Maybe that is what a society strives to achieve through the overruling of "Baap" phenomena, pleasant communication and a limited (paradox on your face) amount of "basic" freedom to all!

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