Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When you are fated to ill-fate, you blow nose

July 2008,

Blah, a bobo alien who is disguised in the form of a 17 year old girl lives in Bangalore, India (SOUTH india). She meets fathers with poppy eyes and building owners who don't particularly admire her. She loses one phone on an average every year. Generally, she has the flair of doing so when her birthday is near. Blah's room on the fourth floor floods every monsoon, for those who think only villages at ground level face water. She surrounds herself with messy things called humans and tries to inject them all with happy hormone. Eventually they all cry because she forgot to photocopy notes for them. She faces green phlegm which resides in her eye-cavities. It gives her sinusitis. The world thinks she is full of herself, gives a blah about them and that she knows blah but she thinks that she knows blah and that is why she goes blah blah all the time. Apparently she is from NORTH india. She just lost her prized phone and some money. So, she will reduce her flabby body by whining, starving and moping. These characteristics indicate the humanization of blah the bobo. She appears the honest-est when she blows her nose. That is when they finally realise that she is crying.
take care

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