Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hey Balchandran, ponder over Is-ness!

Balchandran is not content(contenu). Just symbolic of his gang that has taken the mantle of conferring doctorates under this divine regime. But what-ay-pity Balchandran, you need a research method workshop before that. So came the beautiful man and lotus gentleman and prudent man and waking dreamer with a milds breath. I had to be there since the brahmin convert from Freiburg let me in. That male Marjane also rushed along. But Balchandran! Alas! You wouldn't know why they were talking of post-modern. Of course they didn't mean the modern postal system which was computerised thanks to pricks with parachute on head like you. So you sniggered and smirked at these pale green creepers with pale pink lilies shooting about. Then came the word. IS! Thoughts think! We just knew what IS was! Not much effort to figure out what IS is! Beat that Heidegger and Kierkegaard and all others who dare talk time and being. Grin, gap in teeth. Chamko asked beauty how she knew IS. He smiled and said, thats the way it is. Amazing, pleasing enough to last you three more hours of big smile. Yak yak yak with purple t-shirt, come over to this side, I am sure you belong here and not to that dirty Alice camp with slung shoulders and a suede tote.

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