Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another man may marry me off

Pha! She likes cats a lot and this word too. With all wisdom in her mind she said, what education! Shataa only! Find a nice guy and we will get you married off. There are those around, aren't they? One nice smart, wealthy yet industrious man. What more do you want woman! Let's get on with this college drama, then good panorama. Forget too big dreams. The words are so comforting, they make ordinary actions so normal and obvious to me. Actually, not a bad option just that they are too many of them. But not the one blah blah...coud you replace it with brak brak brak....emow emow emow... Some day will come when this society that takes upon itself the greater responsibility of finding you a food giver will thrust upon someone the headache of your emotional needs too. Don't expect too much understanding, dreaming, arguing gas. All jazz. Just live like a good quite girl and prepare for a wedding. Some years later it is the super aim of your destiny! You will help please me in your own way, will tell you when the time comes. Play violin till then and rehabilitate my soul like always. Black acrid sputum till uvula. Heavy rants!