Monday, July 21, 2008

An ellipsis does the trick

I sat thinking what to do about Pali and Rio and Jean Maunier. They just sounded too articulate and confusing. I am still working out the 3500 word novella. I want to put them all in bland Indian colors now. A ginger-turmeric spectacle. If the setting does not work out till the end of month I am screwed. I lose 50 marks. Marks are important to Germans as well. Getranke and gesprache...They write mails in ellipsis! Hi... how are you...I am fine...etc... Almost like a marathon of ellipsis when you art struggling to make your self write volumes and get in a rut of cretin creativity. I am tired like an old woman with intestinal problems who wakes up daily with ramblings and groans. Choristes is ugly and blows are okay. Jules and Jim are just forms. They all in fact are just symbols which depict a commom human pattern. I will talk about the common human pattern of lou later. I am lou-lorn copulation struck awe-ridden guffawing duck billed platypus.