Saturday, October 25, 2008

Reporting live from the subconscious

I sleep now. I sleep knowing not the bounds of day and night are. I sleep for 16 to 18 hours at a stretch and still sleep again the next night or day. I crave ice cream everyday. This semester has done a lot unto me dear Chamko. I never really expected all this to come by but again, I grew, so much. It seems like odd semesters are the real growing time. The others are just transit periods between this place and home. Train--home--train--Bangalore--train--home... In the euphoria of all this shunting I never realised I signed a Faustian pact. I sold the hola mi casa memories and permanent stay at home like other kids for knowledge it seems. Life has actually grown, for real and changed. Now it is no looking back home. Now there is another home in the making. You will rake and put all at stake and make a home where you can like mommy bake a cake. I feel closer to her. I wonder why. I hope papa has not gone too far away. And little brother who is also growing up, do not follow my steps please. thank you odd semester. Good bye.