Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Salami Souvenir

She would go all slurpy yummy imaginative the moment you mentioned Salami. I am a herbivore and always looked at like a grass eating cow. Nowadays herbivore imagery applies to life all the same. It is vegetating. Quite literally. The fifteen month clock is ticking away. I fit like like a big round peg in the small square hole. Little by little, trickle by trickle. By day and by night. I want to dance. Dance dance dance with a sheep's head, gain some fury and shred off clothes like fear and trembling would have it. What to take? Linguistics? Art History? Gender and Sexuality studies? Cinema studies? Philosophy? What to take? She also does not know yet she does not worry. Make me healthy. Cleanse my thoughts of such floating dark strokes. They look arty but they are not helping. Cook some vegetables. I want to read Pigs and the Place by Athol Fugard. I want free copy. Give.


D'Evil Sam said...

Salami is good. Parma is better. I choose to be a carnivore because I like plants....not that I hate animals. Cinema Studies sounds nice.

Chamko Lily said...

ALl meat is meat. All blood is liquid. All PETA is exaggerated and cinema studies is difficult to get in. Plus, I get kicks out of gender studies and linguistics. Hence the confusion.