Friday, June 27, 2008

Coffee beans and Red wine

Yesterday, was a memory. A fuzzy, tick tick tick tea,-coffee bean- bread,-coffee bean- laughter,-coffee bean- walk,-coffee bean-maggi,-coffee bean-wine,-coffee bean-bed,-coffee bean-etc... The bean was there... Three in fact. Initially tickling the tongue and releasing smoky coffee salivation... Later on as the night progressed, i gobbled them,itchy things. I wanted to enjoy sour grape syrup grover wine but somehow every sip goes till the back of the tongue and then heaves a hot splash on the body plate. Body plate- A slate, flat plate that the body becomes when it experiences a liquid splash or a gaseous outburst. I am not so spaced out. Actually it was all in the mind. Almost like a life of its own, if not a body at least drives of its own. With dawn, i again scooped some beans and pushed them in the mouth. The embarassment of looking at one's own pictures and hearing that you respond to physical drives really gets to me. Period. Turn curtain. IT doesn't. Just that why others should consume a piece of so-perceived beautiful art as pleasurable and appreciate it publicly rather than only limit it to foreplay, is worth attention. Maybe, that is how commom normal humans react and respond to martian, babylonian, egyptian godesses. I kiss really well. That whole process reminds me pretty much of worms. Swallowed in the sea. Another victory. I have come to not have possessive icky "you are mine and he is thine" words.

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