Friday, July 25, 2008

Bangalore boom boom

Yeah, there was something that resembled blasts. If not in the death toll and the noise it made, at least in the panic and chaos I witnessed it did look like something serious. The worst was the mall. All shops closed but the mall was open. Spooky and sad. Almost as if terrorists raped it. Kormangla was silent, dead silent, moaning and yelping like a puppy. Mud splattered and tame. No traffic hassles and 8:40 at night seemed like 11:30. Firday night like never before. Parents calling frantically to check whether i was indoors or not. There was nothing very insecure around but suddenly something had gone off and all knew that some black hooded militant was running in familiar streets. Depressing. Even the college was swarmed with speculations and sighs of pretentious reliefs.

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Spazsim Chasm said...

Hay.. Thanks for stopping by the chasm :) It's funny. We have similar taste in blog templates, that's obvious... and we have the whole 'instant like/dislike' thing going— makes you wonder what it would be like if we were introduced— if we would instantly like or dislike :s weird no? fully existential :s