Friday, July 4, 2008

Panic at the window

People are funny, icky and weird. Some claim to be absurd and some claim to be gurus! I mean, they are hilarious, the shame out of the window. Not like I care two hoots about them. I only care if i want to. I only forgive when i want to. Yet, I like to believe in Bodhisattva. It is difficult master, to acknowledge a master. It is also difficult to believe in someone, something above you, beyond you. The extension of self, maybe, is immensely taxing. Worse, the regrets of what is gone, scrubbed off the memory walls and does not want to come back. All you can do is Laugh! Laugh so hard your teeth hurt and cheeks pain, drink some beer if you want and then ask "was mochten sie?" Be happy, that appears mature too. But be you! I am me. I am silent, chirpy, morose me. The hangover of a fuzzy night.

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