Saturday, October 18, 2008

And when we fell in love with happiness...

This is not so long ago, not so distant a memory. It is recollection of a present of the past when I actually had an idea. An idea that I fell in love with, so contagious that the mere thought brought all observable reactions to it. I invented the prettiest illusion that I would fall in love with and all others like me would also fall in love with. Don't ask me of love. I made it long ago and it is well digested because I reasoned it for physical pleasures. But, this time is happiness! The hormonal stimulation as a response to various environmental stimuli that makes me smile and dazed. I invented happiness and passed a decree. It is happiness that I and others similar should live for, work for and look for in anything we do. Smart grin. Such a metaphysical aim I gave and such unattainable, knotty miseries bundled along so that it would keep a whole lot of them busy. I will tell you who all and you can add yours too. Those who cannot sleep after two thirty in the night, those who spend all their sunny days wondering what others do at the same time, those who are freshly jilted or have yet no occasion to wake others at four in the morning, those who are running marathons on a circular earth and have things to say about mankind and objective emotions, rational will et al. To all these, the tugged strings of their sheets out of sheer lone nights, the chewed marked books, their dark goggles, this is a blanket, a nice little thing not to be got easily. It will keep mankind going for a while.
Yours lovingly,

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