Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hola mi casa!

I cried buckets today
I miss something someone and some special attention
I miss looking at clothes washed, ironed and ready
Food perfectly made and on my plate
A landline and an anonymous bill at month end
A brother and his hotwheel cars
I terribly miss you Koena and your Activa
I miss our rain dances and songs after birthday parties
I miss whistling at old men and pushing kids off bicycles
I miss bus number 8347 and the swishing brown skirt
I miss you Sylvie madam and your numbered precis
I miss you devil grey and your basket
I miss you sector twenty one and blind sir
Also, the food, the perennial internet connection
The fields behind and the bus stand just beyond them
Your big nice house and the luna I left there
The little boite of Kohl and a familiar language on buses
The elite alliance and topping at exams
The college nearby, the woods, the boy
I don't even want you all back forever
You just make a gay picture of a happy personal past
Thank you, O intact firm idea of home.

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