Saturday, June 21, 2008

The rickshaw runs fast

I was sitting in there and the meter started ticking. It ticked harmlessly upto 14.50 and then whoop! Suddenly the rickshaw started running a kilometer a minute. I am not kidding. It was going at the usual slow speed but the meter went on changing numbers at every 2 metres. I mean how could a distance of 100 metres be covered in a wink of an eye. And then i started to wonder whether it works how i think. In no time it is Rs. 50. And then i stopped thinking of it since it involves complex math but even though it rips my pocket apart i feel quite okay about paying 'em. So i shifted gaze to the rick-backs. They are so wonderfully decorated. I mean they have all sorts of pictures on them and i actually plan to click 'em all and put 'em up here. The banshee bench saga will come later, to whoever may read this and wonder.