Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Chamko Yuki Car Dreams

One of those chamko dreams, typically peaky on emo and then wake up with a sudden ta-ta-ta. I dreamt of my both cars. The two white cars. And i dreamt them being sold away to someone. I kept on wailing, sobbing silently to myself. I saw Papa take big bundles of notes which all amounted to twenty thousand rupees.Some old man like Eustace drove the car. Maybe some other girl drove the other one. Then they both stopped near the neighbor's house and got off. They started digging big heaps of bricks, like those gray ones in Bangalore, just that these were red. One fell on the Eustace and just tumbled to the side. He said Oops, churn churn and resumed work. I was standing there, next to them and weeping. His words echoed through me,"I don't miss people and places." I do miss them! I miss even cars and all other non-living objects around me! I am not spaced out! I am Yuki. The lashing rain on your window. It falls with a certain intensity and elegance. Like music pouring down. Yuki doesn't need to tell you she feels, she just does. It is your look out if you never noticed Yuki change color. The cars went away and I was howling with eyes tight shut, Papa don't give them away! But like Yuki, no one really bothers to hear me say anything. And until you don't mean it, i won't tell you anything! Not even if I want you to be around. Those who don't mean to be careful will die thirsty. Rain-less, devoid of Yuki san.