Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wanted! Help in Translation

I want some soopar person who can translate English to Kannada understanding the gist/essence of the matter, not literally translating. It pertains to a questionnaire which is to be administered to policewomen in Bangalore. No fees will be paid. If interested, please be calling at +91-9886918476 or plz plz be dropping a comment here. Many thanks :)


Spine said...

Fool. What am I, born Kannadiga and bred in the capital of Karnataka, here for?

Chamko Lily said...

I am sly, okay? I will not force such big favors on you, ya. But if you are voluntarily so willing, I will be glad to take your services :)

Spine said...

Ah ha, what slyness your plan is made of!