Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why I think women can't attain Nirvana:

Because they menstruate
Because they have maternal instincts (basic instincts!)
Because they tend to confuse sex with love
Because they have a penchant to carefully document every gaze and stare
Because they yearn to make an even better "aloo ki sabji" every single night
Because 1)either they are obsessed with male acceptance or 2) they can hardly take earnest male attention on face
Because they too, like men, believe that a woman should have less hair

More to come... Please add if you want. This is not a stereotyping competition, it is (as the label suggests,a a mere rant because this woman here knows all of this and can still not get over it)


Spine said...

Because they care a little too much.

D'Evil Sam said...

I really think I can't add more to this being throughly superficial in print and all.
I think..
Because they read between the lines on an empty page

Purbble said...

They're fiiine, they'll do all right. Women can gain nirvana as much can men. Because:

Men play video games
They believe power is everything
They sleep too much
They DON'T read between the lines, and that sucks too, depending on situation
They're superficial, and hence don't know what to want in the bigger picture sometimes

There ya go.
Overall, I think women stand a good chance if they get more confident, and men, if they learn to admit their mistakes.
Ya can't really pin it down to a couple of faults, can you? Like saying a plane won't fly because of air drag...