Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Let's fast forward it!

Yeah, long time.

Couple of days ago, we all came together. She said 'let's watch!' We all exclaimed 'film!' Now, you know whose Saari we are pulling :) So, she belted out one 'clean' film. The film was really interesting and she didn't quite mind the profanities in the dialogs. Then, suddenly, the hero and the heroine come together to do something that humankind aspires to achieve in every action: lurrv. The usual Hollywood style, passionate making out that lasts up to 33 seconds in 'clean' films. And then, as we didn't realize, a divine voice harked, " Please, fast forward it!" To all us reservoir dogs whose sixty percent public conversations rely upon sexual puns, innuendos and obscure dirty jokes varying in degrees of murkiness, this was 'clearly' the funniest eye brow raiser of the day! She can't take mass embarrassment, you see... Later of course, we "fast forwarded" thrice.
[Inside joke ( I'm prone to dirty thinking):
Dear husband to miss: I say, tonight is good! What you say?
Miss: (shy) hehehe
dear husband advances hand to the waist
Miss: Uh-huh. Let's fast forward it, shall we?]

This bears no resemblance to living characters around who in any case love taking offense.

{Fast forward to a few days later}
A certain girl-happy-in-love-my-guy-is-divine goes to watch an obviously 'romantic' film. Haw! It's in English and we all know how these white people start doing things in public theaters. My-guy-is-divine gets so angry, I tell you! He wants to get up and go. But, girl-happy... stops him and he sits through it. Mind you, only for her! Now he is so upset he won't talk to her for few days. Gosh these white people, they can break relationships! Fast forward, I say!
lawl, guffaw

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