Sunday, December 13, 2009


There are happy posts, merely descriptive ones with attached emotions that make for thoughts. This is one of them. There are sane moments. This is a proof of those all beautiful satisfied things. Since a month almost I have not been eating anything but fruit and all sick-people's food because I was sick and am recovering now from Hepatitis A. This unfortunate incident brought in many good things that in the moment of experience as well as retrospection make me feel like a new person. Parents are as intolerable yet necessary elements as medicines, excessive love etc. Be thankful to them for not trusting you with your own health and life. Even if you sleep through their nagging, your brain's affective cells strain to register every advice which give you comfort when back again to the lonely independent world. Next, eat healthy and mean it. Don't torture your body with unknown alien, shady food items at cheap or tasty seeming places. Have some humanity-sensitivity towards yourself. This, I realized as the accumulative knowledge of five semesters. After that, stay in touch with positive people. People who are optimistically restless about doing exciting things with their life. Also, if you know some people make you happy and feel good when you see them, cherish those moments, use them to climb a step out of your muddle of daily confusions. When you mull over things continuously, you stop looking at things beyond and away. Finally, leave and let go completely. Once you decide that you want to give up on things, tasks, people, memories etc. There are good things that yellow illnesses teach. But, now it is totally lost to me why I cannot keep feeling this way all the time.

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