Sunday, February 15, 2009

Radio script for a music show (30m)

Outline and script for radio show: Filmy funda

Duration: 30 minutes

Radio station: Radio Blues 99.2 F.M

D.J links: 5

Maximum number of songs: 5-6

Other things to be included: Radio station jingle, Sound bites

Day parting: Afternoon show (2:00-5:00 p.m.)

Language: English

Tone: Cheerful, Peppy

Pitch: High pitch female voice as D.J

Music genre: Hindi film songs

Tempo= Medium-slow

Theme: Film reviews, inside news/gossip, interviews with TV. /film personalities

Link 1: (bed= lounge music instrumental) A very cool hello on this hot Bangalore afternoon to all of you from your RJ _______. Now it’s time for your very own scoop of new, hot Bollywood songs, some gossip, and a lot of other interesting talk and an exclusive review of the much awaited “Delhi-6”. Ah-ah, this is not all! To catch the surprise celeb interview of the day, exciting hourly prizes and the filmy funda question stay tuned into Radio Blues 99.2 F.M.: It’s all about music! For now, enjoy this Dev-D number to kick off the lazy afternoon… a personal favorite too! (40-42 s)

Song 1: Nayan tarsey (Dev-D) (3m10s) (Tempo= medium)

Radio Blues jingle: It’s all… you say (chorus)…It’s all…I say (chorus)…It’s all…we say (chorus)…About the music! Radio Blues! (9-10s)

(Fade in) Song 2: Shamur- Let the music play (3m44s) (Tempo=medium) (Fade out)

Link 2: (bed= lounge/club) Yes, the music will keep on playing because you are listening to Blues and our only love is music. Talking about love and music, we just heard something really interesting about our dear Adnan Sami and his marriage which is…erm…literally on the rocks! It was heard that Adnan’s wife walked out on him after alleging him of domestic violence and mistreatment. That’s not what we expected my friend but all we can do now is wait and watch! Its two fifteen and time for my question: So, stop all your work, write it down! Tell me the name of the child artist in the film “Hum hai raahi pyaar ke” who is also a famous star now. Call me on 99-22-55-331 or text me your answers to FFspace992. Sonam Kapoor and the pigeon dance, Massakkali coming up next on Blues… (57s)

Song 3: Massakkali (Delhi-6) (4m52s) (tempo=slow-medium)

Ad slot for 1:00m

Song 4: Sapnon se bharey naina (Luck by Chance) (5:00m) (tempo=medium-fast)

Link 3: (bed= apache (shadows)) Again one of the cherished numbers of this season from Luck by Chance, Zoya Akhtar’s directorial debut in the film industry and this is what she had to say to us at the Star Screen film awards: “(Zoya Akhtar sound bite) Hi, you are listening to me on Radio Blues 99.2 F.M and I thank you all for watching my first film. I hope that I make even better cinema ahead. Watch out for my next film “Red roses” and keep listening to Luck by Chance tracks only on Radio Blues.” Thank you, Zoya and we move on to another nominated track “Khuda Jaaney” from Bachna Ae Haseeno, Vishal Dadlani giving astounding music. Enjoy! (40s)

Song 5: Khuda Jaaney (Bachna Ae Haseeno) (3m35s) (tempo=slow)

Link 4: (bed=bugle sound) welcome back, this is RJ ______ on Filmy funda and now it’s time for Shout aloud, our exclusive film review segment: SHOUT ALOUD (sfx). The film for this week is the much touted Rakeysh Mehra film: Delhi-6. Erm… Let’s see- the pros and cons: first the positive: Doing it again, Rehman scores fab music, brilliant cinematography, Abhishek and newcomer Sonam both good performances! Negatives: The second half drags, the plot loses focus and somewhere you feel déjà-vu, all in all 3.5 on 5 stars to Delhi-6. Here’s what the audience had to say: (sound bites of random viewers) “Ooh, I loved it… Abhishek rocks… The songs are awesome… it was bit boring in the second half…” That’s all for my take on Delhi-6. For your comments mail me on (1m)

Song 6: Bora Bora (Bluff master) (3m09s) (tempo= medium-fast)

Link 5: Its two thirty already, time flies like airplanes and India bags seven BAFTA’s with Slum dog! Congratulations and celebrations… It’s also the time for me to say bye bye to you until I meet you tomorrow with more songs, filmy news and the answer to today’s question! But, before I go, my song pick of the day is “Paper planes-M.I.A”. In fact the artist has a really interesting history: more on that and her future projects on Filmy funda at 2:00 p.m. on Radio Blues tomorrow. Till then RJ _________ signing off. Ciao. (35s)

Song 7: Aari Aari (Bombay Rockers) (4m12s) (temp=fast)

Total time taken: 33m 15s